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MEGA SPEED READING - 4hr program - audio cassettes (set of 6) and 1 x VHS video
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Product Code (SKU): CT 51009001
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Product Description

Mega Speed Reading by “World's Fastest Reader” Howard Stephen Berg Guinness Book of World Records “Mr Mega Memory” Kevin Trudeau

Read at Record Speed!  With the revolutionary techniques you'll learn in Mega Speed Reading, you'll not only double or triple your reading speed, but you'll also remember and comprehend more than ever before.  You're not only going to be learning to read fast, but read smarter.  In short Mega Speed Reading will help you accelerate all phases of the learning process, making all the time you spend learning 100% more effective.  Here are the tools you'll need to reach your full potential and achieve your life's goals.  In this exciting learning experience, you will discover how to:

  • Utilize proven techniques, both mechanical and psychological, to increase reading and learning speeds
  • Break slow reading habits and break through to a new way of seeing and comprehending the written word
  • Develop the 3 steps to greater comprehension
  • Use associations to create instant recall of any information you read
  • Devise new strategies for reading diverse materials-novels, how-to manuals, newspapers, etc.
  • Focus your mind using 2 techniques that can give you laser-like concentration
  • Practice reading exercises that will guide you to continual improvement throughout your lifetime

You already possess an incredible ability to see every word on a page at one glance. That's one of the reasons why Mega Speed Reading only takes a few hours to learn instead of weeks and months like other "speed reading" courses. Mega Speed Reading teaches you a natural way to extend your own brain's powerful sense of vision.

The skills you will learn can only be found in Mega Speed Reading. There is no other program like it, because there are no other teachers like Berg and Trudeau. For the first time, the world's foremost memory training expert is partnered with the world's fastest reader. And together, they can train your mind to be a magnet for new information.

Great for students! Mega Speed Reading can help bolster textbook and classroom retention for higher test scores. Howard Berg has been widely praised by educators for teaching students super-efficient study techniques-the same techniques in Mega Speed Reading.  Great for business! Plow through piles of career-related information in half the time. Remember more of what you read in trade magazines, technical manuals and training publications. Sharpen memory skills for impressive presentations. Achieve more in less time with Mega Speed Reading.

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